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Disney’s In-Room Celebration Packages

Updated: 16 Aug 2013 05:30:19 AM

To make your visit to Walt Disney World even more special or memorable, you can purchase a special In-Room Celebration Package from Disney’s florist.

These packages may include special signage on your door, tasty treats, special treasures and even a plush Mickey to take home.

Listed below are Disney’s In-Room Celebration packages.

Some items in the packages can be personalized.

To check prices and more details, visit the Disney Florist Website here: http://disneyworld.disneyfloralandgifts.com/category/in-room+celebrations.do?nType=1

Welcome Celebrations

Mickey’s Welcome starts with a surprise banner on the door and the treats continue in the room, including a plush Mickey, a box of surprises and even a special treat from Tinkerbell.

Upgrade to Mickey’s Grand Welcome and

Romantic Celebrations

The ultimate Romantic In-Room Celebration, A Wish Come True, is a two day pampering event which includes a delivery of a dozen roses, scattered rose petals, soft candlelight, an exclusive Swarovski crystal charm bracelet, a wishing wand, sparkling cider and chocolates.

The From Mickey and Minnie with Love package is complete with a spa basket, a dozen sparkling roses, personalized bath towels and a trail of rose petals.

Birthday Celebrations

Mickey and Pals Big Birthday Wish is a magical celebration complete with birthday boxes from Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Donald. Don’t forget to look for some pixie dust from Tinkerbell!

Mickey’s Birthday Wish starts with a Surprise banner outside of your room, and after entering you will find a singing balloon and a box from Mickey filled with treasures.

Princess Celebrations

Three different Presenting your Royal Princess packages are available for Adults, Teens, and Children.

The packages vary but all include a display of packages, a letter from the Fairy Godmother, a tiara, and the proclamation that she is a princess!

Pirate Celebrations

When you see the “Beware” sign on your door, you’ll know some scurvy scavengers were about!

Enter your room if you dare.

If you do, you’ll be greeted by a glowing red eyed skull and clues to find a treasure in your room from Captain Jack Sparrow.

Triumph Celebrations

Celebrate an accomplishment with Disney by treating someone to a Triumph Celebration!

You will be greeted by a Surprise Banner on your door, and inside you will find a medal from Mickey, a box of treats, and a balloon bouquet.

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