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Psychoscareapy: Unleash Becomes A Halloween Horror Nights Scarezone

Updated: Fri, 31 Aug 2015 4:37:00 AM

The crew at Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) that’s crafting the scare festival at Universal Studios Resort Orlando feels that everyone needs a bit of therapy.

The kind that they are prescribing isn’t the usual doctors orders though.

When you enter the Psychoscareapy Scare Zone you are in for a real dose of medicine.

Scream Zone

There are scare zones scattered throughout the theme park.

During HHN IV the first scare zone was introduced as an outdoor space that many park guests must travel to in order to arrive at various locations.

You never know when these hordes of scare actors will arrive to unleash their fury upon you and the reason of your group.

Therapy 2.0

Originally a scare house, this zone has transformed into something that theme park guests will now encounter one way or another.

Halloween in New York City includes trick-or-treaters and a humongous parade up 6th Avenue, but on this night a party of criminally deranged inmates from the Shadybrook Asylum have escaped and have imbedded themselves in the party in the clusterfuck of revelry.

You won’t know who is out celebrating the holiday and who is there to create some major mayhem, but keep your eyes peeled.

The inmates will kill for the best costume at this Halloween shindig.

Not only is this slated to be one of the goriest scare zones in the park, they will also allow participants get involved with the judging of the overall competition.

If you love scare zones, or have never been to one, then you’ve picked the right place to kick our party off.

Make sure you visit this area before you leave for the evening for some Grade A scares.

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