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Tough Time for Small Theater Troupes In Orlando

Updated: 03 May 2013 : 11:02:17 AM

The economy is taking its toll on the small theater organizations in Central Florida.

Fantasyland Theatrical lost its lease last December and recently other organizations have either had to suspend operations or close their doors all together and there are others struggling to survive.


Orlando Repertory Theater

Fortunately for the City of Orlando, the Orlando Repertory Theater, which provides many productions for young audiences is still open and has announced itís schedule for it's 11th season.

Jackie and Me in time for the World Series, as well as its Annual Family Theatre Festival and the free Party in the Park are part of this season's schedule.

Most small community theater groups are run by a devoted group of volunteers and very tight budgets.

These volunteers usually work a full-time job along with their theater work.

Due to the economy, perhaps everyone is tightening their belts and one of the first things to be cut are the simple pleasures, like enjoying great performances at a community theater.

Inexpensive Artistic Creativity

Unfortunately, the result is often the loss of inexpensive artistic creativity and culture for the entire community.

This is troubling considering Orlando is home to a large theater population.

The loss of small community theaters reduces the opportunities for talented young artists who are attracted here by the University of Orlando as well as Rollins College.

Take some time with the family or friends to help support these great small community theaters and help keep great culture and entertainment in Orlando.

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