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Wet ‘n Wild Orlando Launches New STEM Aqua Lab Program!

Updated: 23 Sep 2013 06:39:27 AM

Experience the thrill of physics beyond the classroom.

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando announces the launch of an all new educational program focused on engaging middle and high school students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

The program highlights the physics principles at work on Wet ‘n Wild’s exciting rides and slides, and is available for any group interested in a fun and interactive learning experience, both in the classroom and at the waterpark.

Teachers will have the opportunity to enhance their students’ knowledge of physics at an entirely new level with Wet ‘n Wild’s new STEM Aqua Lab program.

Four interactive classroom lesson plans conclude with an end-of-the-week field trip to Wet ‘n Wild, giving students the chance to go beyond the classroom to observe and apply multiple physics concepts in a waterpark setting, as well as experience the thrills of Wet ‘n Wild’s attractions for themselves.

Wet ‘n Wild’s STEM Aqua Lab lesson plans focus on key physics topics including mass, weight, inertia, and velocity.

Each lesson plan includes direct instruction, guided practice, and independent practice, as well as a list of applicable NGSSS (Next Generation Sunshine State Standards) and NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) standards for classroom instruction.

These interactive lessons prepare students for the hands-on and exciting Aqua Lab experience taking place at Wet ‘n Wild.

The Aqua Lab actively engages students, working in small teams, by applying the classroom lessons in the unique and thrilling environment of a waterpark.


The Aqua Lab program allows students the opportunity to have fun and enjoy working with their classmates, while directly supporting the recommendations from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) for real-world experiential learning to engage students in grades five through nine.

“We strongly support the advancement of STEM education in our schools and community,” says Christopher Martin, Marketing & Sales Director at Wet ‘n Wild Orlando.

“We view the STEM Aqua Lab as a creative and fun way to engage kids at an early age by showing them the real world side of science and mathematics.

Wet ‘n Wild provides the perfect platform to help make learning physics a fun and thrilling experience.”

A modified Aqua Lab is also available to provide a great learning experience for groups who don’t complete the pre-visit lesson plans.

The STEM Program was designed and created by Integrated STEM Instructional Systems, LLC (ISIS ), a Florida-based, veteran-owned provider of educational consulting and advanced STEM educational programs.

“We are enthusiastic about working with Wet ‘n Wild Orlando to create this highly engaging and scalable STEM educational product,” said Duane Hume, Senior Partner at ISIS.

“We are confident that it will be a popular and informative activity for kids from visiting schools and summer camp programs alike.”

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando, the world’s first waterpark as recognized by the World Waterpark Association, introduced the world to the watermark concept in 1977.

Today, over 15 themed rides and attractions comprise an arsenal of thrills for guests to “share the rush” with family and friends.



ASHLEY REYES, WET ‘N WILD 407-248-3002

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