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10 Disney Character Breakfast Tips

With more than a dozen breakfast options you already have a lot of footwork to do before you sit down with Lilo or the Mad Hatter.

 Breakfast with your favorite Disney character can be even more memorable of an experience with these great tips.

Book 180 Days in Advance

8am is a very popular time slot at many restaurants, you should confirm your reservation 180 days in advance to guarantee your seats.

With this reservation you will be allowed access to the park prior to its opening which means fewer park guests.

It's practically impossible to get a table without one and it'll be impossible to enter the park without it.

Check Your Schedule 

You will want to plan out your day around the breakfast location you choose.

If you end up selecting Akershus Royal Banquet Hall breakfast at Epcot you should expect to spend the rest of your day at the park.

An excellent plan will include visiting attractions near the restaurant so you aren't running your family across the park with minutes to spare before your reservation.

The Appropriate Venue For Your Child

The Wonderland Tea Party is limited to children only so you will not be able to enjoy this experience with your little ones.

If you want a breakfast experience that the entire family can enjoy be sure to take this into account.

Rest assured that if you have dietary restrictions accommodations can be made.

Dress the Part

Packing your child’s favorite Disney costumes for the Perfectly Princess Tea Party.

Despite the title this event is suitable for boys and girls.

Join in on the fun and get a costume for yourself as well, if you don’t already have one.

Watch the Budget

Don’t get the family excited for a special character breakfast only to have to break the news to them that you had not factored the $550 sticker price (My Disney Girl's Perfectly Princess Tea Party) into your vacation budget.

Work with your family to make a Top 10 list of characters that would like to spend time with and go from there.

There are options in most price ranges so you can have breakfast for less than $100 (Garden Grove Restaurant at the Swan Resort).

Be Nice to the Characters and Wait Staff

They are there to make your time there memorable.

If your food is undercooked or something goes awry simply let them know.

They will always respond graciously, but it's always a more pleasurable experience with a smile on your face.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Some character dining experiences also offer lunch and dinner options.

If you can’t get everyone rounded up by 7am while on vacation then maybe a7pm dinner seating at Be Our Guest is in order.

These character meals are just as magical as breakfast and the meals are just as filling.

Don't Forget Your Camera

Yes, you are there to meet the characters and enjoy a meal, but you also want to capture these special candid and posed shots to share with friends and family.

Posed pictures with the characters are wonderful, but snap a few photos of the characters talking to you family and playing with your children. These photos make for great post cards to send while on vacation.

Bring Autograph Books

Every child should have their own book to carry around the parks.

Taking photos is a great way to remember the times your children, but imagine how excited your child will be when they have a book full of signatures from their favorite characters.

They can share these with their friends and even ask characters to leave messages for their best friends.

The books are not available at the restaurants and if you have an early reservation the shops may not be open.

A Sharpie is Better

The hands of Mickey, Goofy and many other characters are too large to grasp and write with the pen you grabbed from your hotel room.

Pick up a few thick Sharpie pens or similar markers for your children.

They are available in a plethora of colors so you can pack a set and let the children or characters select the color they would like to have it autograph written in.

Remember that while many families will have children present during character breakfast meals this does not mean that adults cannot enjoy the meal without children.

Just don’t forget to confirm your reservation as soon as you make your decision.

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