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Gaston: How Can The World Not Love Him?

If you have ever seen Beauty and the Beast you know Gaston.

He was the super vain suitor that hoped to lay claim to Belle’s heart.

It was apparent that she had no interest in Gaston when she told her father, “He's handsome, all right, and rude and conceited!”

Nonetheless that did not stop him from attempting to make Belle his wife and even planning out the entire wedding!

Now you can find him in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World.

Meet the Most Handsome Guy Around

Yes, it may be hard to believe that a throng of fans could ever adore someone as narcissistic, uncultured and sexist as Gaston.

Somehow he has pulled this off and is a necessary character stop on guests trip to Walt Disney World.

When you meet him, you will find a strong and handsome guy, but as soon as he opens his mouth you find that his is just as arrogant as he does boorish.

While Gaston is quite arrogant, there may be some good reason as to his behavior.

He is smart, agile and an exceptional huntsman.

He knows that winning over visitors has to do with his delivery and that’s what he is great at doing.

He believes that women should not be able to think for themselves or even get ideas, beliefs he will gladly share with you, including that fact that the focus of every woman should be him.

While you may not agree with his chauvinistic thoughts, it is rather effortless to look past them with his charming smile and piercing blue eyes.

What to do When You Meet Him

Your approach all depends on which way you would like your interaction with Gaston to go.

If you simply want a photo and autograph you may start off with a smile and compliment about his dashing appearance.

If you are looking to aggravate Gaston just a bit you can mention the Beast or his losing of Belle.

Remember that the Beast’s supporters are nothing new to him and if you are not strong willed he may truly win you over.

For the ultimate experience challenge Gaston.

Whether it is a push up challenge by a tri-athlete or an arm wrestling challenge by a seven-year-old girl.

When challenging Gaston to a competition be sure there is a damsel in the crowd that you can offer as a prize, be certain that she can cook – per Gaston’s requirements.

Keep in mind that Gaston doesn’t always win, but when he does not win you definitely want to be around to capture his response.

The Future of Gaston

Remember that you may soon love Gaston, but his popularity only fuels his ego.

Unless you are Belle you may have a hard time trying to change his views and capturing his heart, but try as you must because something magical is always happening at Walt Disney World.

Be sure to catch him soon as his ego is likely to grow further with his upcoming role in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast remake.

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