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Picabu Buffeteria at Dolphin Resort is Open 24 Hours

Grab a meal or snack at Picabu Buffeteria at any hour, day or night!

Located inside Disney’s Dolphin Resort, this unique quick service restaurant also includes a convenience store offering sundries, toiletries, snacks, and gifts 24 hours a day!

With a bright and cheery dining room and a delicious, expansive menu of America’s favorite foods, Picabu is sure to please both kids and adults alike!

It remains one of Disney diners’ favorite quick-service spots in any of Walt Disney World’s resorts.

Price: about $10-20 per person.


  • 12" Pizza
  • Beef Chimichanga
  • Beef Hot Dog-Your-Way
  • Burger-Your-Way
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Hot Wings

Picabu Family Meal

Picabu Family Meal - A whole rotisserie chicken and 3 sides.

Choose from green beans,

mashed potatoes, buttered corn, stuffing, creamed spinach, and cheesy fusilli.

Picabu Market Meal

Served with 2 side dishes and a Picabu breadstick.

Select 1 entree:

1/2 Rotisserie chicken, Meatloaf, or Beef Lasagna.

Select 2 Sides: green beans, buttered corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, creamed spinach, or cheesy fusilli.

Seared Chicken Sandwich

Strip Steak & Onions

Children’s Menu

  • Chicken Tenders
  • Hamburger or Cheeseburger
  • Hot Dog
  • Mac & Cheese
Picabu Buffeteria
Picabu Buffeteria
Picabu Buffeteria Picabu Buffeteria 1 Picabu Buffeteria 2 Picabu Buffeteria 3 Picabu Buffeteria 4 Picabu Buffeteria 5 Picabu Buffeteria 6


Top off your meal at Picabu with one of their unique, Carnival-inspired desserts like Funnel Cakes or Fried Cheesecake!

Picabu also serves delicious breakfast with a menu including favorites like waffles, omelettes, steak and eggs, chicken fried steak, freshly baked pastries, and much more!

Picabu is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience!

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