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Sanaa an Upscale Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Indian cuisine is hard to come by in Walt Disney World, but if you are in mood for some Indian flavor, never fear!

Located in the heart of Kidani Village at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is a hidden gem – Sanaa, an upscale restaurant offering African-Indian fusion.

Sanaa is a truly otherworldly dining experience that remains under the radar in spite of its excellent food and jaw-dropping dining room.

Sunset Savannah

The restaurant resembles a colorful forest with carved baobab trees and painted columns stretching from ceiling to floor, lit by rustic lanterns.

Sanaa's name ("sanaa" is Swahili for art) is an apt one, as the restaurant is filled with authentic, handcrafted artwork from Africa, including jewelry, metalwork, paintings and carvings.

Best of all, the restaurant features massive windows looking out on Animal Kingdom Lodge's Sunset Savannah.

Request a table by the windows and watch giraffes, zebras, and more ambles by as you enjoy your meal!


The menu at Sanaa is a fusion of traditional African and Indian cuisines, featuring specialties like mango lassi; samosas; butter chicken; Spicy Durban Chicken; Tandoori chicken and shrimp; and naan and pappadums served with your choice of raita, chutneys, and sambal.

The menu also includes many options for vegetarians, as well as delicious desserts and a wide selection of loose-leaf teas.

After your meal, be sure to talk a walk around Animal Kingdom Lodge's back veranda where you will enjoy views of the Sunset Savannah and its exotic inhabitants: giraffes, zebras, and more!

If visiting in the evening, take in some traditional African storytelling, offered each night around Ogun's Firepit.


If you are dying to see animals while you dine, book your table for either lunch or an early dinner (when the animals are most likely to be active).

Once night falls, it will be difficult to see anything outside the windows.

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