Anaheim Produce

This road side stand offers a fresh take on snacks in Hollywood Studios.

Themed like a farm stand, the menu is written on chalkboard and the fresh fruit is offered up in wooden crates.

Anaheim Produce

Other than whole pieces of fresh fruit like apples, bananas and oranges, Anaheim Produce also offers grapes and cut up mixed fruit in cups.

Even though the name of the place is produce, they do offer a few more snacks to satisfy your hunger.

Granola bars and California trail mix will go a bit further to fill your stomach, and if salt is what you crave you can get your fix with a pretzel or a pickle.

Frozen Lemonade & Frozen Golden Margarita’s

To quench your thirst, items on the menu here range from assorted soft drinks to fruit juices to bottled water.

The real draw here on a hot day is their frozen lemonade, a sweet and tart frozen concoction that is guaranteed to refresh even the weariest roller coaster rider.

A special treat is to put your drink in an Orange Bird- you can’t miss ‘em.

For a more sophisticated (older than 21) palate, a Frozen Golden Margarita is available.

Anaheim Produce is located in a long line of counter service food stops on Sunset Boulevard, so the seating here is plentiful and shaded.

This is a nice respite from the lines at Sleeping Beauty or the Tower of Terror, or a good spot to sit if exhausted from shopping.

Drinks and snacks are all under $10.

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