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Lunch vs. Dinner at Be Our Guest

At the moment, it seems nearly impossible to get a table at Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest restaurant, which allows guests to dine inside Beast’s Castle from Beauty and the Beast.

Dinner at the restaurant, which opened in 2012, has become one of the rarest reservations in Walt Disney World with many guests sometimes calling 180 days ahead of time to snag a table!

If you can’t get a reservation, however, there’s no need to fear.

You can still enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the restaurant at lunchtime, no reservation needed!

Be Our Guest is also open each day for lunch as a quick-service restaurant with an affordable and delicious menu served to you in the same three dining rooms as dinner service.

So, what are the real differences between lunch and dinner services?


The first and most important pro of lunch service at Be Our Guest is that you don’t need a reservation, which has proven a deciding factor amongst many guests.

The second difference is price.

Many of the tasty menu items on Be Our Guest’s lunch menu are less expensive than other quick-service restaurants and a fraction of the cost of dinner items at Be Our Guest, so lunch service allows Beauty and the Beast fans on a budget the chance to enjoy the beautiful restaurant.

Like the dinner menu, the lunch menu is French-inspired, featuring slow-cooked Braised Pork, Croque Monsieur and Roast Beef Sandwiches, Vegetable Quiche, and the same delicious soups and desserts that are served at dinner.

What truly sets lunch at Be Our Guest apart from other quick-service spots is presentation.

Unlike other quick-service restaurants where you order your food at a counter and carry it to your table on plastic trays, at Be Our Guest you will order your food, find a table, and have your food brought to you on Mrs. Potts’ finest china with silverware.

In many ways, lunch at Be Our Guest is like a table-service lunch, but for half the price, so why are guests still scrambling for a dinner reservation?


Let’s begin with the menu. While the lunch menu includes many delicious items, the dinner menu at Be Our Guest consists of a higher class of cuisine, including Grilled Strip Steaks, Herb-crusted Lamb, Chicken Provencal, and Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops.

Dinner at Be Our Guest is also the only place in the Magic Kingdom where guests may drink alcohol and the menu offers a selection of champagnes, beers, and wines.

The biggest different perhaps between lunch and dinner service at Be Our Guest is that, during dinner, the Beast himself makes an appearance!

The Beast meets guests in his den after their meal, making dinner at Be Our Guest a character meet and greet, too!

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