Beastly Kiosk

If you are looking for a small snack in a central location, look no further than Beastly Kiosk, a quick place to grab a bite to each which is located on Discovery Island across from Beastly Bazaar.

This spot has it all – shopping, food and characters to meet.

Beastly Kiosk

Small Counter Service Spot

The Beastly Kiosk is a small counter service spot that offers snacks but is well situated for families, as one person can order and retrieve food while others can meet and greet the characters right across the path at Beastly Bazaar.

This brightly colored walk up stand, formerly known as “Safari Kiosk” may not have a lot of options for food and drink, but it makes up for that with convenience.

From here, you can make your way quickly across the bridge to Asia, or over to Dinoland USA.

If you want a nice place to rest, you can take your snack behind Beastly Bazaar where there are some umbrella covered tables and places to sit.

Corn Dogs & Drinks 

The only food option on the menu is a corn dog, served with chips.

This can be a great, inexpensive lunch or a filling snack.

The corn dog is served the traditional way – stuck on a stick, which is great for eating on the go!

A side of chips comes with the corn dog.

If you are just looking to grab a bag of chips, you can do that here as well.

Drinks include bottled water, assorted soft drinks, and lemonade.

The corn dog and chips are less than $7, and drinks are all under $3.

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