Cool Ship Snack & Refreshment Stand in Tomorrowland

Located near the Indy Speedway and Space Mountain, Cool Ship will have what’s needed to quench that thirst or pick up a pretzel for a quick snack.

Spotting this snack stop will be easy just look for the stop with a big red air ship on the roof.

Cool Ship


The menu is limited with Coca Cola products, Smart Water, Lemonade, or pick up a sport bottle with a favorite fountain drink.

For snacks they have a Salted Mickey Pretzel, a Cream Cheese Pretzel, and a Corn Dog.

Prices are reasonable and with a single walk up window, service is quick and fast and limited seating and tables with umbrellas outside.

Buying a lot of drinks to keep hydrated in the hot sun can get expensive, but this place will provide free water in a full size cup.

The place isn’t big but this futuristic snack kiosk is a great place to sit for a quick rest.

Enjoy one of the Mickey Pretzels with a cool drink before and take a picture of the family in front space age place before heading to Space Mountain.

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