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Dino Bite Snacks - DinoLand U.S.A

If you find yourself craving a cool snack in DinoLand while in Animal Kingdom, look no further than Dino Bite Snacks, a fun, vintage style trailer that serves up prehistoric treats!

This retro, tin-covered snack spot serves up some delicious bites, so be sure to work up an appetite before visiting here.

Dino Bite Snacks

Located next to Restaurantosaurus when you enter DinoLand, this is a great spot to hit on the way out if you have exhausted your time in DinoLand.

After a few rides and activities, you can fill up to fuel the rest of your visit to Animal Kingdom!

Gigantic Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

This snack spot is appropriately known for its gigantic ice cream cookie sandwiches.

These snacks are truly made with a dinosaur’s appetite in mind.

You can choose your own cookie flavor; either chocolate chip, sugar, or oatmeal raisin, then three scoops of ice cream are sandwiched between two huge cookies, making for a great snack to share, or a perfect one for a big treat!

Also on the menu here are other cool snacks, including hand scooped ice cream in a waffle cone in assorted flavors, a hot fudge sundae complete with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry, or a ice cream float made with your choice of soda.

If you don’t think you can handle the ice cream sandwich but still want something sweet, you can get any of the cookies solo, or try the delicious fresh churros.

Drink Menu

If sweet isn’t the taste you are craving, they also offer bags of chips at this location.

The drink menu is also varied, offering soft drinks, hot chocolate, coffee, and bottled water.

All snacks are under $$5, and drinks are under $3.

By Marie Ospina
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