Dino Diner Next to Fossil Fun Games

This cute dinosaur themed snack spot is sure to make you smile AND provide the energy boost you need to make it to your next stop at Animal Kingdom!

This tiny camper has been outfitted with a long neck, big teeth, spikes along its back and out to the tip of its tail.

Dino Diner

Located in Dino-Rama next to Fossil Fun Games in Dinoland, this tiny snack spot is a good place to grab something on the go.

There are some umbrella covered tables, but not plentiful seating, so plan on taking your snack with you if it is a busy time of day.

It is a good place to wander around and refuel while the kids enjoy the rides and games geared especially towards them.

The Menu

The menu, while not extensive, will certainly satisfy a snack craving.

The most filling item on the menu is a hot dog, which is served with a side of chips.

If you just want something salty, you can grab a bag of chips (without the hot dog).

If salt isn’t your thing, try the cinnamon glazed almonds or pecans.

Dino Diner also offers an array of cold drinks for a hot day at Animal Kingdom.

Assorted fountain drinks and bottled water are available to quench your thirst, or an even colder option is a frozen Coca Cola or Frozen Lemonade.

For guests 21 and over, Bud Light and a frozen mixed drink are offered as well.

All of the items are priced under $9.

Hours for this snack spot vary.

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