Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Creams of Extinction

This may be one of the best places to get cold treats in Hollywood Studios, but to really appreciate this green giant you need to know her history.

Gertie was introduced to the world in 1914 as a character in one of the first animated films in history by her creator Winsor McCay.

She is unique because she was filmed, in over 10,000 recorded drawings, to interact with a live character onstage alongside her projection.

This was one of the landmarks in animation, and still remains one of the most referenced and revered animated films of all time.

Of course, Mr. Disney had to get his inspiration somewhere, right?

Animation Legend

Gertie may be an animation legend, but having her as a building is another story.

In the 1930’s a special type of architecture, referred to as California Crazy, came on the scene.

Buildings were erected to capture notice as people took the highways and drove across the country, stopping at places that caught their attention.

Wouldn’t you want to have ice cream served from the side of a giant dinosaur?


Hollywood Studio’s own Gertie serves up soft serve vanilla, chocolate or twist ice cream in a cup or a sugar or waffle cone.

Also on the menu here are ice cream sandwiches and ice cream bars.

Gertie’s hours are limited and varied, so check the schedule and even if the window isn’t open, it is worth a walk by to check out this giant green homage to animation and architecture.

Located on Echo Lake.

Ice cream priced below $4.

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