Gastonís Tavern a Rustic Quick Counter Service Restaurant

Gaston’s Tavern named after Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a rustic quick counter service restaurant designed with the intimate charm of a comfy lodge in the French countryside.

Outside a giant outdoor Gaston statue in the center of the fountain, a central attraction in Belle’s Village, welcomes guests at the entrance.

Food Choices

Gaston’s serves mainly snacks but signature items are the warm gooey cinnamon rolls and LeFou’s Brew, a no sugar added frozen apple juice with a touch of toasted marshmallow and topped with an all-natural passion fruit-mango foam.

They also have healthy side dishes of hummus and chip, mixed fruit cup, and mixed vegetable cup with dip.

For something a little heartier, a juicy tender fall off the bone pork shank is available, easily shared by two or three as well as all the standard drink choices.

Dining Options

With food in hand, they’re a few different choices for dining.

The main dining room to the right of the food counter is complete with wooden tables and stools, a fireplace and Gaston’s giant chair, perfect for pictures and a smaller seating area around the corner, a little more private with an antler chandelier.

To the left of the counter is another smaller room with an unfinished dart game between Gaston and LeFou.

Gaston’s is a great place to maximize  snack credits and prices range from $2 to $10.

With a fun tavern feel, this is a good spot to relax and get ready for the next round of rides.

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