Maurice’s Amazing Popping Machine in Fantasyland

The New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom is beautifully and intricately themed right down to the last detail.

Take a stroll through Belle's quaint French village from Beauty and The Beast and you may just spot one of her father Maurice's latest inventions – Maurice's Amazing Popping Machine, a great place to grab a quick snack!

Maurices Amazing Popping Machine

Located near Bonjour and Village Gifts, Maurice's Amazing Popping Machine is a food kiosk offering popcorn (but of course, monsieur) in either a single-serving size box or a souvenir Beauty and The Beast bucket.

Frozen Treats

Maurice's Amazing Machine seems to be able to do more than just pop, however, because in addition to the popcorn, the kiosk also offers a wide variety of frozen treats, including Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwiches, Edy's Dibs, fruit bars (strawberry or pineapple), Triple Blast Ice Pops, frozen bananas, and Disney's famous Mickey premium ice cream bars.

The stand is also a good place to grab a cool drink, offering bottled sodas, Dasani water, and Smartwater.

If you don't wish to carry your bottle around the park in your hand, bottle toppers and straps are available for $3.75.


Light snacks like popcorn and churros make easy prey for seagulls, so be mindful of letting small children carry their own snacks.

Also, the new section of Fantasyland gets crowded early and only gets worse later in the afternoon, so it is usually best to head there first.

At the front gates of the Magic Kingdom, simply hop aboard the train and it will take you to the new Fantasyland station in the back of the park.

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