Pizzafari on Discovery Island in Animal Kingdom

What Disney's Animal Kingdom lacks in counter-service restaurants, it makes up in theming.

Located on Discovery Island, Pizzafari is a quick-service restaurant serving up (you guessed it) pizza, pasta salad, and hot Italian-style sandwiches.

Like Discovery Island's other counter-service restaurant, Flame Tree Barbecue, Pizzafari pulses with vibrant colors and resembles a still-life zoo with nearly every surface covered in beautiful animal carvings and murals.

A two-headed, iridescent peacock displays his plumage over the ordering counter, tile snakes slither across the floor, 3-dimensional frogs hop down the walls and bats swoop from the ceiling.

Indoor Seating

Unlike Flame Tree Barbecue, however, Pizzafari offers indoor seating, which makes it a good choice if you are trying to beat the heat.

The restaurant is divided into several dining rooms, each of which has a theme reflected by the animals adorning the walls.


Themes include: the Nocturnal Room, the Upside Down Room, the Camouflage Room, the Four Seasons Room, and the Bug Room.

The décor is sure to be a hit with your party (especially with the kids) and you can have fun while you eat spotting all the different animals surrounding your table and enjoying the incredible artistry of the carvings.

While the food at Pizzafari is by no means the best in Animal Kingdom (it is not even the best of the counter-service restaurants), if you are craving pizza or have to stick to a super kid-friendly menu, you will find what you need here.

Add the exciting; colorful ambiance and you will not be disappointed.

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