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Downtown Disney Planet Hollywood Observatory

The longstanding Downtown Disney staple will get a facelift soon. Planet Hollywood globe is going to become an early 20th century observatory, aligning its image with the rest of Disney Springs –the new name for Downtown Disney.

Changes to the façade will happen alongside other upgrades that include major expansions that include the addition of an outdoor terrace and bar.

The project should be completed by Spring 2016.

What Will Change?

Changes are abounding all over the Walt Disney World Resort and this holds true for Planet Hollywood.

The spaceship that jutted out of the iconic globe is already gone and soon the globe will come down to make way for the observatory.

The lake that surrounded the eatery is being altered and flowing springs will replace it to give you an open-air promenade to explore.

The beacon calling everyone from near and afar, the neon ‘Planet Hollywood’ sign, will be replaced with a brightly lit water tower.

New Observatory

When you step into the new Observatory you won’t feel like you’ve been here before.

Everything from the facade to the cast members’ attire will change as this Planet Hollywood location moves back a century.

There are plans to also add menu items, while keeping fan favorites.

Along with dining among the stars you will now be able to dine under the stars without worrying about the weather.

The interior will be transformed to include a high-tech planetarium with stars and constellations spanning the ceiling.

The outdoor terrace and bar will be called Stargazers and it will feature live entertainment.

What Will Stay the Same?

First off, the location will remain the same.

The four-story destination will be located in The Landing; just stones throw from the brand new parking garage.

The walls will be decorated with memorabilia and imagery from throughout the history of filmmaking.

Glass displays will be filled with items from films and celebrities, both old and new.

The goal is to continue paying honoring those that have paved the way in the art of filmmaking while including the industry’s neophytes.

One thing that won’t change is the showing of movies.

Projectors will continue to play Hollywood feature films.

If you are concerned with prices taking a major leap to fund these updates you are in for a pleasant surprise.

The price ranges are expected to remain around $20 for an entrée.

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