Restaurantosaurus at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park

Located in Dinoland, U.S.A. at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom Park, Restaurantosaurus has garnered something of following that seems surprising for a counter-service restaurant.

The explanation is simple: theming, theming, theming.

The restaurant is designed to resemble a cozy restaurant-turned-house for graduate students and paleontologists.

While "student housing" may not sound appetizing on paper, the restaurant is a delightful example of Disney Imagineers' loving attention to detail run amuck.

From the lawn chairs planted proudly on the roof to the stuffed dinosaur heads on the walls to the "rec room" complete with basketball court, the themed setting feels cozy and almost too authentic.

Dinosaurs Lovers Welcome

The restaurant is sure to be a hit with kids and anyone who loves dinosaurs and, or nostalgia.

A quick-service option on the Disney Dining Plan, Restaurantosaurus' menu is very similar to other counter-service restaurants around Walt Disney World with kid-friendly choices like chicken nuggets, hotdogs and macaroni cheese dish.

However, the menu does offer some more adult options such as the 1/3-pound

Angus Bacon Cheeseburger, Dig-Site Salad, or Vegetarian Sub.

Although, the chicken nuggets are pretty popular with kids and adults alike!

If you are looking for sit-down meal in Animal Kingdom that is fun, inexpensive and geared towards very picky eaters, Restaurantosaurus is your best bet.

Tip: Take a peek in the authentic Airstream trailer outside and you might just be lucky enough to find one of the restaurant's most popular, "hidden" tables empty.

Also look out for memory-inscribed, painted rocks left behind by former "students" that decorate the restaurant.

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