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Tusker House Buffet Restaurant at Animal Kingdom

Considered by Disney aficionados to be one of the best-kept secrets when in comes to Disney World character meals, the Tusker House Restaurant in the Harambe Village of Disney's Animal Kingdom park serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Themed as an open-air African market, guests can enjoy their meal while searching for hidden Mickeys amongst the rustic carvings and drifting wall hangings.

African Dishes

Tusker House is not to be missed for those burnt out by the pizza-and-burgers tedium of theme park fare as the buffet offers an almost overwhelming array of choices, including many African dishes.

One can find pita and lavish alongside bagels and toast, as well as hummus, Spicy South African preserves, couscous, samosas, and succulent, rotisserie-style meats (to name only a few of dozens and dozens of dishes).

For an authentic taste of Africa, try the Beef Baboutie, a savory meat and egg breakfast casserole considered by many to be South Africa's unofficial national dish.

Be sure not to miss the Jungle Juice, a tartly delicious mix of guava, orange, and passion fruit.

If there are children or picky eaters in your party, never fear!

American Fare

Tusker House's buffet includes plenty of traditional American fare that will suit even the most finicky of palates.

The kids’ options are plenty of Macaroni with Cheese, Corndogs, and Peanut Butter with Jelly.

Tip: Tusker House provides an excellent character breakfast alternative for those who could not snag a reservation at Chef Mickey's or who just want something more laid back.

Mickey, Goofy, Donald and many others characters appear in their safari gear each day for breakfast and lunch.

Please note that they do not appear at dinnertime, so be sure to make your reservation for breakfast or lunch if you are coming for the meet and greet.

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