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Epcot Shopping Options

Shopping at Epcot is like making a trip to the mall of the world – you can find specialty items from the countries represented in the park, in addition to the gift shops with Epcot themed gear and souvenirs.

At Mousegear, one of the largest gift stores at Walt Disney World, you can find Epcot and Disney themed merchandise and clothing.

At Ice Station Cool you can try different Coke flavors from around the world, and buy assorted Coke memorabilia.

Other gift stores are distributed in the different areas, and identified by theme – for example Living Seas has nautical gear and Finding Nemo character items, and The Land sells gardening tools, seeds, and magnets among Lion King character merchandise.

 World Showcase Shopping

Perhaps the most impressive shopping at Disney World are the shops in the countries, selling goods you normally only find with a stamped passport.

Each country boasts its own unique goods, and you need to stop in every country to appreciate what they have to offer.

Following are a few examples of things you might find in the countries.

In Norway you can find Norwegian trolls, Helly Hanson clothing, sweaters and Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales.

China has Chinese lanterns, coral and jade jewelry, furniture, and silk clothing.

In Morocco’s open-air market they have woven baskets, leather clothing and rugs, ceramics, glass lamps and wall sconces.

An unusual item here is a couscous pot with couscous to fill it.  America’s US history trinkets seem disappointing until you remember you can shop in the rest of the park for American goods!

Canada boasts handcrafted items from Northwest Territory Native Americans, and Roots candles and apparel.

French designer items from Chanel, Escada, Givenchy, and Lacoste can be bought – for a price – at the France Pavilion.

You can also purchase Emile Henry cookware, wines and wine accessories, perfume and art reproductions here. Italy’s crystal and glassware is complemented with chocolates and Illy espresso.

In Mexico you can shop at a street market for handcrafted Mexican items like silver jewelry, worry dolls and piñatas.

Great Britain’s Wimbledon tennis gear, Royal Daulton china, shortbread, tea and Coats of Arms are spread through their shops.

Beer steins, black forest cuckoo clocks and cowbells, chocolate and Haribo candy, dolls, and wine can be found in Germany.

In Japan’s Mitsukoshi Department Store (named for the oldest department store in the world) you can find Hello Kitty clothing and accessories, anime trading cards, kimonos, Mikimoto pearl jewelry, and bonsai trees.

Don’t miss the Sake tasting bar tucked in the back of the pavilion.

In addition to the multiple shopping stops, Epcot can also boast of a few world exclusives including Guerlain perfume, Stieff limited edition bears, and being the first place to release Beaujolais Nouveau every year.

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