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Hollywood Studios Shopping Options

Hollywood Studios is divided into different neighborhoods, and there is plentiful shopping in all places.

You can find general Disney merchandise in almost every store, but check out some of the following stores for special finds at Hollywood Studios!

 Hollywood Boulevard 

On Hollywood Boulevard, check out Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-Kind where you can purchase celebrity clothing or signed portraits.

If your pockets aren’t that deep, movie posters are a great bet here.

Keystone Clothiers is where you can shop for clothing and accessories for adults, or stop in Cover Story and get your picture put on the front of a magazine.

For the younger set, L.A. Prop Cinema Stage is a great stop for clothes, and don’t miss Mickey’s of Hollywood for everything Disney!

 Sunset Boulevard 

On Sunset Boulevard, The Beverly Sunset stands out with its pink art deco building. Inside you can find a great selection of Disney Villain merchandise, and at Sunset Club Couture, check out the watches you can have customized.

If you want a souvenir of your time with Hollywood Studios splashed on it, Planet Hollywood Super Store is the stop for you.

 Animation Courtyard 

Animation Courtyard is home to one of the most impressive stores on Disney property, if you love animation.

You can see artists painting the animation cels, and purchase limited edition and exclusive cels here.

In Character is an open-air stop with a plethora of princess toys, costumes and even a set of “glass” slippers.

Echo Lake

Echo Lake’s merchandise selection trends toward adventure.

Tatooine Traders offers young padwans the chance to make their own light sabers and pick up Star Wars collectibles, and Indian Jones Adventure Outpost is the place to get your very own felt fedora.

If you are searching for Toy Story memorabilia, look no farther than Toy Story Department in Pixar Place.

Here you can find gifts from the movies, and also from the popular Midway Mania ride at the park.

Backlot and New York Street,

The last place left at Hollywood Studios to shop is the Backlot and New York Street, and don’t miss it!

Youse Guys Moichendise offers Disney themed sports memorabilia; It’s A Wonderful Shop, where you can get into the Christmas spirit any time of year, and AFI Studio Showcase, where you can find items from movies and TV.

You may also run across interesting displays here as well.

As you can see, Hollywood Studios is a fantastic destination to stroll along the streets and window shop, or take home some truly one of a kind Disney items.

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