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Leave Room for These 10 Disney Must Have Souvenirs ’

What better way to relive your favorite moments from a Walt Disney World (WDW) vacation than through the items you bring back.

 Of course a picture is worth a thousand words and memorable photos are definitely one thing you should come back home with.

 Mickey Ears

This is uber cliché, but you have to do it at least once.

Pick out the perfect pair of mouse ears and get them embroidered with your name in a cute font.

The hats have an elastic chinstrap that will secure the hat to your head so you don’t have to worry about the losing your head, or ears, on a ride.

Also the hats have a variety of themes so the Winnie-the-Pooh and Star Wars fans will find something to wear.

 Send a Postcard

This is great to incorporate friends and family that were not able to join you on your trip to Disney.

Pack your stamps before you leave home so you aren’t running around looking for extras once you arrive.

Collect a few signatures from your niece or nephews favorite characters before mailing off cards.

If you make it to Magic Kingdom drop off your post cards in any mailbox on Main Street and it will be post marked from Magic Kingdom!

 Disney Pins

This is actually a potentially multi-item choice; every time you are out at Walt Disney World you should take the time out to pick up a pin for yourself.

You can also pick up multiples of the same pin if you are sharing a special moment with others.

FYI, you can trade them with cast members as well.

 Christmas Ornament

Year round there are a number of Christmas and Hanukkah items available at their Christmas store.

If you find an item in a gift shop scoop it up quick, as it may not be available the next time you visit.

Make sure you take advantage of the chance to have your name and the year written on the ornament.

If you missed a year you can ask them to write a past year on it, it will be our little secret.

 Pressed Pennies

For only 51 cents you can get your own pressed penny at one of the many pressing stations in the parks.

Be sure to save up lots of shiny pennies, they help create a much higher quality final souvenir.

Bring a ziplock bag to keep all your pennies in the same safe space.

Throw Blanket

This is ideal for vacation and home use.

You can use this throw to keep warm on a flight or tuck under your little one as a pillow.

There are a number of themes to choose from so one person can get a Jack Skellington fleece blanket and another can cuddle up with their new Elsa fleece.

An Autograph Book

Every signature is a souvenir in its own right.

Children and adults have long loved autographs and for that reason everyone should have an autograph book to remember the times they met their Disney favorites.

You can purchase an autograph book or make your own in the days leading up to your trip to WDW.

Pro Tip: Pack a photo mat and use that to mount your favorite group memory.

A Car Decal

Consider it a badge of honor.

This bumper sticker style decal is perfect on the back of your car and if you don’t have a vehicle you can put it on your laptop or any other surface that can be shown off to others.

When you see someone else in your hometown with the same sticker on his or her vehicle beep your horn and smile, you both have something very cool in common.

A Keychain or Magnet

Yes, they are not very original, but these cheap gifts can be kept for or gift.

A keychain is the perfect way to keep your child from losing their house keys since they will also lose that awesome keychain.

Magnets are a great way to share the magic with others; they are great for office spaces or family members.

If you took the vacation during the school year your child’s teacher, and classmates, may enjoy a magnet or two in their classroom for the rest of the year.

Candid Photos

The posed photos in front of Cinderella’s Castle are great, but surely everyone wants to see the photo of the kids running up to their favorite character.

Ten or twenty years from now those are the same photos they will be begging you to send them copies of or to never let see the light of day again.

These photos also make for great post and greeting cards.

If you can’t grab it all up on your trip, remember that you can always come back to Florida and pick up a few more souvenirs.

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