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Nighttime at Magic Kingdom

The most magical place on Earth, The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, just gets better after dark.

Everything here sparkles with light and magic.

Rides light up, restaurants fill up with hungry diners, and the shows begin.

The castle glows with anticipation for the nightly Wishes fireworks show, which starts with a movie projected onto the castle of snapshots of park guests taken during the day, set to music.


The conclusion of this show sets up the astounding beginning of the fireworks show – Tinkerbell flying from the top turret of Cinderella’s castle to prove that magic does exist.

This spectacle starts the almost 15 minute long fireworks extravaganza, with the lit-up castle making the perfect setting for the show.

Prior to this nightly show, the Main Street Electrical Parade makes its way along Main Street, populated by characters, dancers, and floats – all illuminated by lights on the floats or dancers themselves.

Set to fun music, the parade will give you a chance for one last wave to many favorite characters.


Because so many people will be watching the parade, if you have seen it before this is a great time to get onto popular rides.

They will be lit up differently at night and may offer a different experience than a ride during the day – especially if the ride is outside.

Check out the views of the park from some of the higher up rides, like the summit of Splash Mountain.

You may be surprised to see how different the park looks at night!


Dinner at the Magic Kingdom is only hard if you are trying to choose where to eat!

There are a few different character meal options but it is very important to make reservations for these in advance, like dinner at Cinderella’s Castle.

Other than character meals, there are plenty of great options for dinner at the Magic Kingdom before setting off on another ride, or checking out the parade and fireworks show!

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