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Nighttime at Walt Disney World

When the sun stops shining in Central Florida, it is no reason for the party to stop at Walt Disney World!

All of the parks offer many opportunities for fun throughout the day, and even into the night.

Some of the parks stay open later than others, but don’t let that deter you from staying until the park closes.

Not only will you get to enjoy the parks with less people there, but you may get a chance to slow down and observe more of the elaborate themes that Disney Imagineers work so hard to create.

Extra Magic Hours & Ride Times

All four of the parks’ closing times change every day, and if you are staying at a Disney Resort, be sure to check the “Extra Magic Hours” as you may get to take advantage of being in the parks later than general ticket holders.

As the crowds with smaller children head to dinner or even bed, consider this a perfect time to take advantage of some of the more popular rides in the parks.

Many times the wait times for rides drop considerably later in the day, making multiple rides a possibility.


Another great opportunity to take advantage of less people is shopping.

Without having to fight crowds, your time in the shops can be more enjoyable and offer a little more relaxed time to peruse the wares and browse.

An upside to shopping around closing time is not storing and carrying your purchases during the day!

Nighttime at Walt Disney World is a perfect time to enjoy the weather of central Florida.

The warm nights are a perfect compliment to wandering through the pathways of the parks and making multiple stops during your time at the parks.

Just don’t forget a layer, as sometimes the breeze can pick up!

The most important thing to remember about nightlife at Walt Disney World is to enjoy it.

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