Aquazone Wave Racers at LEGOLAND Florida

Splish splash!

Take a whirl on the Aquazone Wave Racers and cool off.

You’ll have the wind in your hair, and the water…possibly everywhere!

Looking at the ride, you may be a bit intimidated – the line forms up and over a bridge that takes you to the middle of a pool where you climb aboard your Wave Racer from a cement platform.

Have no fear, as the happy shrieks from the riders will assure that you will have a great time!

Ride Details

Each Wave Racer can seat two riders, and comes equipped with a steering wheel to help you dodge the blasts of water that are ready to soak you.

The ride consists of multiple Wave Racers that are connected to an inner wheel.

Once the ride starts, the Wave Racers go in a circle in the water around the central platform.

As you control the wheel, the Wave Racers will turn back and forth, creating a wake in the water – just like the real thing!

Also similar to real Wave Racers, guests ride standing up.

If you steer your Wave Racer well, there is a good chance you won’t get a drop of water on you!

The Aquazone Wave Racers have two different platforms with Wave Racers, ensuring the line moves quickly.

Location & Ride Restrictions

The ride is located in the Lego Technic section of the park, across from the Lakeside Sandwich Co, making this a good ride for before or after a bite to eat!

Riders must be at least 40” to ride with an adult, and 52” to ride solo.

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