Beetle Bounce Ride at Legoland Florida

Found in the Land of Adventure section of Florida’s Legoland, Beetle Bounce is one of the best rides for young kids in the park.

This brightly colored obelisk will draw you with its fun colors and shrieks of delight from kids bouncing their way down the ride.

When you are in line and it is your turn to board, your kids (and daring adults – who look pretty huge due to the small size of the ride and the other riders on board!) board one of seven seats in a row, facing outwards.

Once riders are strapped in and the safety bar is lowered, the beetle’s spread wings take flight – 15 feet into the air.

At the top of the ride, giddy beetle bouncers wait in anticipation for the drop!

Unexpectedly, the beetle will drop quickly, but just a few feet, and then climb back up the obelisk.

This motion, repeated, is what gives this ride its name.

Quick-Moving Line

Riders bounce their way down to the bottom of the spire, and again are shot back up for one more ride down.

Legoland Florida has two of these beetle obelisks in operation, making it a quick-moving line, which is also good for the younger Legoland crowd.

Riders must be at least 36” to ride, and do not have to be accompanied by a parent, but parents are able to ride if needed.

Beetle Bounce is located in the Land of Adventure, right next to the Lost Kingdom Adventure, and across from the walkway towards Miniland.

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