Captain Your own Lego Themed Boat at the Boating School

Ahoy, Mate!

For young seafarers who wish to captain their own ship, the Boating School ride at Legoland Florida is the perfect place to start!

The Lego City section of Legoland is home to many different ways that younger children can participate in piloting their own vessels – from flying bikes to cars and even over the water in small boats!

Riders get the chance to captain their very own Lego- themed boats in Boating School.

Each boat is equipped with both a gas pedal and a steering wheel, giving the feeling of complete control to whoever is in charge of the boat. 

The boats themselves are filled with Lego themes – from the primary colors to the raised Lego-stamped circles, it will make you feel as if you are right in one of the scenes from Lego City!

Water Based Ride

This water-based ride in a free-floating boat takes you in a circular route around and through nautical scenes.

During the ride you will encounter many sea-faring Lego characters, from other captains to pelicans – and be warned that some of them may try to get you wet. 

Helpful Legoland employees are waiting along the way to offer encouragement and direction.

Loacation & Height Restrictions

The Boating School ride is located right at the start of the Lego City section of the park, and is accessed by either Lego Technic or the Imagination Zone areas of the park.

Riders for Boating School must be 34” to ride with an adult, or at least 48” to ride alone.

Even though it is one of the longer rides in the park due to the route and rider control, there are several boats available making sure the line moves along. 

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