Build and Test Attraction at Legoland Florida

If you are looking for a cool and quiet – at least for an amusement park – area of LEGOLAND to rest your feet but not miss the bricks, make your way to the Build and Test area of Imagination Zone.

At Build and Test you and your group have the chance to build a vehicle, and then test it on a special digitally timed track.

Will your vehicle have what it takes to blast by the competition?

Will your vehicle even make it to the end of the race?

Participants get to design their own car, so each vehicle is unique to the person.

You can make them as elaborate or simple as you want!

However, because of the size of the track, the cars must be small enough to fit into the starting blocks.


Once you have your perfectly streamlined and fast-looking car built, you make your way to the racetrack.

Here you line up your personalized Lego car in the starting gates, and when everyone is ready, the gate goes down and the cars are off!

The racetrack is tilted downwards, which ensures each car gets off to a fair start.

After that, it is anyone’s guess how the cars will make it on the track.

Each race is approximately 10 seconds in length, so you will know pretty quickly if your vehicle has what it takes to best the competition!

Because of the air conditioned area and the restful nature of playing with Legos, this area can get busy after lunch.

A great time to visit is before lunch, or later in the afternoon.

Build and Test is located inside the Imagination Zone, along with Lego Mindstorms, Hero Factory, and I-Zone Panini.

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