Coastersaurus at Legoland Florida

This roller coaster, located in the Land of Adventure at Legoland, is a wooden roller coaster.

This coaster, originally named Triple Hurricane when the park was still Cypress Gardens, is a great roller coaster for guests who want the thrill and feeling of a roller coaster without the huge drops and twists of bigger structures.

Coastersaurus is a smooth, 1,365 – foot ride with a 40-foot hill at the beginning of the ride.

Trip Through Prehistoric Times

Once the train makes it up the first hill, the rest of the ride is a fun trip through prehistoric times!

The wooden track leads riders past various Lego made dinosaurs, which lend their name to this fun coaster.

Watch carefully, as you may get a chance to see some of these ancient beasts move.

You may not get a chance to see all of the creatures on your first ride, as the track dips underneath itself for a fun and thrilling coaster adventure, so you may want to take the trip twice – once for the ride, and once to notice all of the Lego creatures on the way.

The dinos aren’t just along the ride.

Be sure to pay attention as you get in line – you never know when, or where, a dinosaur will turn up!

Coastersaurus is located along the back of the park in The Land of Adventure.

The entrance is across from two popular eating spots – The BBQ Pit and Waffle Spears.

Riders must be 42” tall to ride this popular roller coaster.

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