Dragon Roller Coaster at Legoland Florida

The Dragon Roller Coaster is one of the anchor rides here in Legoland Florida.

This green machine is fun for almost the whole family (depending on ages, as riders must be 40 inches tall to ride), as Lego lover’s young and old can enjoy this slightly thrilling ride through the Lego kingdom.

This roller coaster starts the ride indoors with a behind-the-scenes view of castle life in Legoland.

Climb aboard your dragon train and get ready for an enchanted journey.

As you follow the green tracks into the castle, you will see scenes built entirely with Legos.

Court jesters entertain, servants scurry around cleaning, and castle life bustles around you as you make your way through the castle.

Fun Ride

Suddenly, a wizard appears and you are swept straight toward a steam-breathing Lego dragon – right to the 38-foot hill directly outside!

This fun ride twists you through almost 2,000 feet of steel track, with a mildly thrilling 30-foot drop.

The top speed for this coaster maxes out at 29mph, making it a fun and non-scary ride for Legoland guests of many ages.

Riders must be at least 40 inches to ride with an adult, and 48 inches to ride by themselves.

The Dragon Roller Coaster is located in the Kingdoms area of Legoland, adjacent to the King’s Market shops, and across from Merlin’s Challenge.

This is a popular ride, so be prepared for lines on busy days at the park.

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