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LEGOLAND Loves Education!

The brick builders here have also come up with great ways for you and your kids to learn while having a blast at the amusement park.

The LEGO education program is for school kids in grades K- 6, and includes LEGO building with LEGOLAND Staff, and applied learning with rides and attractions at the park.

Each session is 45 minutes long, and comes with teacher guides for before, after and during instruction.

Gears, Robotics and a Test Car

Grades K-2 get to experiment with gears by building an amusement park ride, and using gears to change direction and speed.

K-3 graders can build a structure and then test its stability and strength on the earthquake table.

Students in grades 1-2 get an early start on robotics by building a robot alligator, and 2nd -5th graders get to try out the forces of nature with a test car.

Dr. Heartbeat & Adventure Bot

3rd-6th graders have their choice of classes between two Lego Mindstorms sessions, including Dr. Heartbeat, which explores medical procedures using a computer and motors, or Adventure Bot where students retrieve and hide golden treasure using computers and light and sound sensors.

Energy Lab

Finally, the last class, available for students in grades 4-6, is Energy Lab, where students build and use a solar-powered car.

A resource guide for each class is available online, and if you are willing to forgo the instructional bit of the program, you can choose a self-guided option.

Also, individuals and families who are visiting the park can contact the Education Program department for an educational resource guide that outlines different activities throughout the park.

Home-schooled student groups are able to take advantage of Mondays through May with discounted admission and self-guided educational experience.

Reservations are required for this option.

LEGOLAND Florida also offers a Florida Teacher Pass, which is a yearlong free admission pass to the park.

To redeem, bring your most recent paystub, Florida photo ID, and FDOE teaching certificate to a ticketing window.

You can have fun and learn on your trip to LEGOLAND Florida!

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