The Forestmen’s Hideout at Legoland Florida

If you are looking to burn off a little extra energy or work up an appetite, make your way to The Forestmen’s Hideout in the Kingdoms section of Legoland.

This tucked away play space is the perfect spot for adventurers and active kids alike.

This multi-level tree house is a ropes course and playground all in one.

The play area has plenty of seating for parents to take a break while the kids explore the “treetops” here.

The structure is built to look like a giant forest with nets, ropes, and multi-level platforms.

The ground here is padded for soft landings, and there is plenty of space to explore the entire structure.

Crawl, Balance, Run, and Climb

Kids can crawl, balance, run, and climb their way through this spot, then take their choice of slides to come back to the forest floor.

Even though it is named a “Hideout,” with all of the open-air nets and ropes, it is easy to keep track of your own children as they make their way throughout the area.

Strategically placed sun shades give spots of coolness to those hot Florida days, and also serve to keep the sun out of your eyes.

The Forestmen’s Hideout is also decorated with red and blue Lego Knight Crests, helping add to the sense of adventure and imagination, as kids can picture knights making their way from castle to castle through the forest.


The Forestmen’s Hideout is located in the Kingdoms section of Legoland, across from Castle Burger and adjacent to The Land of Adventure.

Overhead a section of the Dragon coaster whizzes by, either gearing you up to take the ride or scaring you away with the screams of the riders!

There is no line here, making it a perfect place to burn of some steam before another wait for a ride.

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