Fried Chicken Company at Legoland Florida

When you are walking around LEGOLAND and get a whiff of the unmistakable scent of Fried Chicken and just can’t resist, make your way to the Fried Chicken Company.

This diner, all decked out like a 50’s roadside eatery, is chock full of delicious chicken menu items.

Fried Chicken Company

The Family Bucket

Feeding a family is easy here, if you all want chicken, as you can opt for the Family Bucket.

The meal is a bucket brimming with eight pieces of chicken (thigh, breast, or leg), four orders of French fries, and four soft drinks.

Currently, this is priced about $25, making each complete meal a value at just about $6 per person.

Other Chicken Menu Items

However, if you aren’t feeding a crowd, you can still whet your appetite for chicken with the three-piece chicken meal, which includes three pieces of chicken, an order of fries, and a soft drink.

Also on the menu for the same price is the Fried Chicken Sandwich, or the Fried Chicken Wrap.

Both come with French fries and a drink.

The sandwich comes on a soft sesame bun with mayonnaise and lettuce, and the wrap is served in a tortilla.

One of the best deals here are the drinks here at the Fried Chicken Company?

Free Refills!

The help-yourself soft drink station is the perfect place to quench your thirst.

Various soft drinks and iced tea are all available here.

If you don’t want chicken, this is not the stop for you!

The retro-styled, red, white and blue diner is located next to the Ford Driving School in Lego City.

There is ample seating inside and outside under red umbrellas.

Meals range from around $6 for a complete kid’s meal to around $25 for a family meal.

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