Legoland’s Florida Fun Town

The first stop on any Legoland visit is Fun Town.

Fun Town, the appropriately named first part of Legoland, is chock full of everything you want at a theme park – delicious food, fun attractions, rides, and shopping.

Be sure to schedule time in your day to check out the specialty stores and the 360-degree view of the park available here!

After you have made your way into the park you will look around and find yourself in Fun Town!

Lucky guests may spot Max, the enthusiastic life-sized Lego character wandering around here looking for pictures with park guests.

In Fun Town you have a chance to grab a snack, do some shopping, hop on a ride or enjoy a movie in the 4-D theater.

The Lego Factory Tour

The Lego Factory Tour is a brief, and kid-appropriate explanation of how their favorite building blocks are made!

Characters made out of Legos explain the brick building process with bright, specially built machine models.

This attraction can get crowded early as it is so close to the entrance of the park.

If you want to check it out later in the day there may be short lines.

Fun Town

Don’t mistake the “Fresh from Florida Greenhouse” as just another shopping stop.

This interactive, educational attraction is one of the best Lego models in the park.

As you wander through the farm – like setting, be sure to take a closer look at the scenes.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays let children feel and then guess what types of seeds Florida farmers plant, milk a (fake!) cow, and a butterfly may even land on you, as these flying beauties were added as a nod to the past when this spot housed the butterfly garden at Cypress Gardens.

An absolute must-see here is the Florida farm stand where the Lego fruit is so life-like there are signs warning against eating it!

There are plenty of places to shop and eat, in Fun Town, making this a perfect area for the start and end of your Legoland visit.

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