Legoland’s Double Decker Grand Carousel!

Take a spin on Legoland’s double decker Grand Carousel!

Take time to ride this old-fashioned but certainly updated double decker carousel.

Fans of Legos and nostalgia alike will enjoy every second of their ride on life-sized Lego horses.

One of the first rides guests encounter upon entering Legoland, The Grand Carousel is appropriate for everyone in your party.

The Grand Carousel

This attraction, one of the few that were inherited from Cypress Gardens, has been updated and given a Lego style.

Jaunty Ride

Once entering this double decker carousel, riders can choose their favorite horse and hop aboard for a jaunty ride on a traditional carousel.

Lego enthusiasts will recognize the horse shapes from their building sets, and the horses are similar to the mounts on the Jousting ride found further into the park.

The top of the carousel is decorated with oversized Lego bricks in a courtly fashion.


Lego Jesters adorn the top of the carousel, ensuring your entertainment on the ride.

The Carousel is located in the middle of the main walkway through Fun Town.

You must walk through Fun Town to get to the rest of the park so eager guests will not miss this ride.


As it is one of the first rides seen in the park, it may get busy in the earlier hours of the day.

To avoid longer lines, try riding the carousel later in the day when the crowds have made their way to the back of the park.

There are plenty of shops and eateries located close by – including the famous apple fries - to entertain anyone who does not wish to take a spin on the carousel.

Anyone may ride the carousel, but guests under 48” must be accompanied by an adult.

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