Imagination Zone Area of Legoland Florida

When you come to LEGOLAND Florida, be prepared for your imagination to run wild!

There is no better place in the park to do this than Imagination Zone.

This area of the park is dedicated to following your imagination to see what you can create out of Legos – and it is amazing to see what can be built with those plastic bricks!

Almost all of Imagination Zone is located inside a big, air-conditioned building.

The attractions inside are Hero Factory, Build and Test, Lego Mindstorms, and WB Games Zone.

In each of these spots, you get a chance to build a working product out of Legos, and test it in “real-world” situations.

Imagination Zone

Attractions in the Imagination Zone

Hero Factory’s brave robots see if they are up to their mission, Build and Test has a specially designed digital racetrack to time your newly designed and built Lego cars, and in Lego Mindstorms you build computerized models that help you solve problems.

In the WB Games Zone you get to play all of the latest and greatest Lego video games – all in one place!

Another part of the building holds I-Zone Panini which serves lunch, dinner, and snacks.

This is a great place to eat with a group, as there are vegetarian options and kids meals as well.

Even though you get to create inside the Imagination Zone building, it is outside where the Lego engineers really shine.

There are seven of the best Lego models in the world in this area, including an almost life-sized giraffe, and a model of Albert Einstein’s head.

You won’t miss the last attraction to mention in the Imagination Zone.

Kid Power Towers are high towers that are visible throughout the park, and here kids (or hard-working parents) can hoist themselves up the tower with the magic of pulleys for a birds-eye view of the park, and then drop back to the ground, to do it all again!

Imagination Zone is in between the historic Cypress Gardens and the Lego Technic section of the park.

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