Legoland’s Island in the Sky Ride

See Legoland in a whole new way on Island in the Sky.

A holdover from the Cypress Gardens days, this attraction gives you a very special perspective of Legoland and the surrounding area.

If you don’t mind heights, be sure to take a ride on this rotating platform for an amazing view.

To get a bird’s eye view of Legoland, you can’t miss the Island in the Sky.

This impressive attraction is a gentle ascent up 150 feet where upon reaching the pinnacle, the tower rotates to give you a 360-degree view of Legoland and the surrounding areas, including Cypress Gardens, the Waterski area, and even a bit of Winter Park.

Island in the Sky is one of the rides that were leftover from the Cypress Gardens Park.

Start Your Legoland Adventure Here

This well-maintained ride serves as a perfect start to your Legoland adventure.

Island in the Sky is located to the left right after you enter Legoland.

Visitors will be guided onto and around the ride, and instructed to sit on the bench that runs along the entirety of the circular ride.

Once guests have been seated, the giant hydraulic arm will gently lift you to an exhilarating height where you will be able to see all of Legoland laid out at your feet – literally!

Slow Rotation Attraction

With the slow rotation you should be able to see all of the areas of the park, so be sure to pick your favorite from the air and see if it compares down on earth.

This is a breathtaking and must – do for your first activity in Legoland.

All ages are welcome, and all ages will enjoy their time high above the park.

A hint – if it is too crowded at the beginning of the day, try later on as other guests have made their way to the back of the park.

You’ll spend about five minutes’ 150ft high in the air.

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