Kid Power Towers in Duplo Village

Duplo Village, long the favorite spot for the younger fans of Lego bricks, is getting a makeover and will re-open in the Spring of 2014, completely updated and ready to entert Kid Power Towers

In LEGOLAND, if the kid in your life (or the kid in you) wants to really impress, go straight to Kid Power Towers, the primary colored tall towers in the Imagination Zone section.

Here you use your own strength to tug yourselves up to the very top of the Power Towers, and head right back down to earth in a controlled free-fall.

Three Towers

The three towers look exactly like some of the first structures you or your kids would put together during early building times with Lego bricks – a straight up structure with a different shape brick to top it off.

And, of course, the towers are constructed with true Lego colors – red, blue, and yellow.

The concept for the ride is simple – pull yourself up the tower, using the rope that is suspended in front of you and your ride partner, then once you get all the way to the top, or as high as you are willing to go, let go of that rope and feel the drop as you make your way back to the ground!

Each tower is surrounded by multiple sets of outward-facing seats, giving riders a true birds-eye view once they reach the top.

Each set of seats has two individual spaces for riders, and each ride consists of a specific amount of time that you get to try pulling yourself to the top.

The Kid Power Towers are located at the entrance to Imagination Zone, but you will be able to see them from all over the park, thanks to their height.

Riders must be 40“ tall to ride with an adult, or 48“ to ride alone.

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