Legoland Florida’s Kingdoms Area

Lego’s Castle theme has been a constant since the advent of the buildable bricks.

Timeless tales of knights, maidens in distress, evil wizards, and triumphant kings have been acted out in miniature for decades.

Legoland Florida’s Kingdoms area of the park pays homage to one of its most popular themes.

With four major attractions, shopping and dining available in this section of the park, be sure to plan to spend a considerable amount of time here.

Royal Joust

The Royal Joust is the kids’ turn to be the knight!

After they climb onto life-sized Lego horses, the joust is on!

Each horse is equipped with a lance, and kids ride their gently rocking horses around a track, and get a chance to “hit” a sign at the end of the ride.

Merlin’s Challenge

Merlin’s Challenge is another rides appropriate for younger children – like the Royal Joust; the minimum height is 36”.

This ride is mysteriously powered by a wizard’s magic – where will it take you?

The Dragon

The Dragon, one of Legoland’s major roller coasters, is for riders 40” and up.

This steel, indoor/outdoor coaster takes you on a journey through the kingdom, and past full-sized Lego replicas of court scenes, tournaments, and of course, fire-breathing dragons!

The Forestmanís Hideout

The Forestman’s Hideout is a great place for kids to get rid of some extra energy!

This multi-level tree house is a giant playground.

When you are ready to get some of that lost energy back, consider a stop at Castle Burger.

This restaurant serves burgers, fries, kids meals with fruit, and fresh chicken salads.

There are places to sit and relax, and gear up for your next adventure!

If you want a souvenir to remember your time in Lego Kingdoms, or to grab the perfect Lego Castle set, the spot to shop is The King’s Market.

These open-air stores not only offer Legos, but also dress up sets for kids.

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