Legoland’s Las Vegas Strip

One of America’s most iconic skylines is The Strip in Las Vegas.

Towering hotels, neon lights, and specialty casinos line the road and Legoland has seen to it that this city gets its own send up in Lego bricks.

Entering the Strip, you can’t help but notice the expansive Excalibur Hotel, complete with a limo dropping off the newest guests.

The “miniature of a miniature” New York New York Hotel is Legoland’s model of Las Vegas’s model of New York.

Got that?

Detailed Figurines

You can’t miss the Paris hot air balloon and Eiffel Tower, and Luxor’s giant Sphinx.

Check out the detail in the figurines walking around – there are even street performers who are raking in the money!

At Las Vegas’s busiest corner the Tropicana Hotel towers over the streets, and MGM Grand Casino’s Lion is even here.

The Venetian’s grandeur is displayed in thousands of white bricks and waterways.

Treasure Island’s dueling pirate show is on display in front of the huge brown and white casino.

Interactive Button

If you want to get in on the action, find the interactive button in front of The Mirage Casino and see if you can make the volcano erupt!

Even though the buildings are seriously impressive, some of the best parts of Miniland’s Las Vegas are seen at street level.

Music buskers, magicians, show dancers, street performers and tourists are scattered throughout the bustling scenes.

Also, what would Las Vegas be if not for the weddings?

Bride and groom figurines can be found all over Las Vegas, and so are wedding chapels.

Impulse is encouraged in Las Vegas!

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