Lego City Rescue Academy at LEGOLAND Florida

Want to see if your family has what it takes?

Want to prove your group is the best at a challenge?

Look no further than the Lego City Rescue Academy, where four groups race to put out a fire or catch a crook.

Each group commandeers either an oversized fire truck or a huge police car, which fit a number of people.

Riders can take turns or have one-person man a pump in the middle of the vehicle that in turn makes the cars go.

The faster one pumps, the faster the car goes!

Rescue Vehicle

Once the rescue vehicle reaches its destination (the end of the short, straight track – no steering involved), it is time to either apprehend the crook or put out the “fire.”

Each vehicle has a target where the groups must squirt water into a hole, which in the police car’s case is the face of a familiar Lego crook, or a picture of a blaze for the fire truck.

Each team disembarks their vehicle to pump water into the hose and make sure they hit the target.

Fun Attraction

This is a fun attraction, as families work together and even the youngest riders will have a good time cheering on the team.

All the while, a Legoland employee keeps up lively commentary.

The announcer keeps the teams and people waiting to ride up to speed on the action of the race!

Rescue Academy is across the walkway from Boating School and the Ford Jr. Driving School.

Riders must be a minimum of 34” tall to ride, and 48” to ride without adult supervision.

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