Lego Mindstorms Attraction at Legoland Florida

Located inside the Imagination Zone at LEGOLAND Florida, the Lego Mindstorms attraction is your child’s chance to build a real, working robot out of Lego bricks and pieces.

If someone in your party is interested in a Mindstorms class, it is a good idea to head toward the Imagination Zone at the beginning of your visit to sign up for a time slot.

Because Mindstorms is a popular attraction, there is a chance that the classes could fill up.

Also, by making your way toward the back of the park and signing up for a class at the beginning of the day will ensure shorter waits on the rides toward that area of the park, like the Project X Coaster, Driving School, and Boating School.

Each Lego Mindstorms class lasts 45 minutes.

During the class guests will have a chance to build and program their very own robot.

Theme and Instructor

The classes all have a theme and an instructor.

After the instructor introduces the theme, Lego enthusiasts are set free to build and program.

Some of the themes may include building a robot doctor, a robot crocodile, or even programming a pre-built robot to defeat challenges.

Be sure to check class availability when you arrive at the park, as this area is used for class field trips and may be closed to the public during some times of your visit.

Participants in Lego Mindstorms must be eight or older.

Lego Mindstorms is adjacent to Build and Test and Hero Factory, and they are all located inside the air-conditioned Imagination Zone.

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