Market Restaurant at Legoland Florida

The Market Restaurant will be one of the first restaurants that will catch your eye upon entering LEGOLAND Florida.

This brightly colored, open-air market is a great spot for the whole family to find something they crave.

Serving food throughout the day, the Market Restaurant is the best bet to satisfy all different appetites.

You can make your way to one of many counters to order your food, and then find a table in either the indoor or outdoor seating area.

Market Restaurant

Menu Options

The choices available include: Bakery, Asian Fusion, Rotisserie, Kids Choices, Soups and Salads, Make-A-Shake, and Coffee Shop.

Good bets for lunch or an early dinner are Asian Fusion, Rotisserie, and Soups and Salads.

Kids will love the Kids Choices, which include kid’s favorites such as mac and cheese, chicken tenders, and grilled cheese.

Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion is a good choice for vegetarians, as one of their popular menu items is vegetarian Pad Thai.

Also on the menu are Kung-Pao Sirloin, and Orange Peeled or Sweet and Sour Chicken.

Happy, hungry guests have raved about the taste and amount of food in the Rotisserie’s ½ Roasted Chicken Meal. You can also get a smaller, ¼ Roasted Chicken. Sides available include rice, roasted potatoes, or roasted vegetables.

Soup and Salad Counter & Coffee Shop

At the Soup and Salad counter, you can get a full salad with or without chicken, and/or a bowl of home-style soup.

For just a snack or breakfast, the Coffee Shop has great options, including espresso drinks, coffee, and assorted breakfast pastries like croissants and muffins.

The Bakery can satisfy any sweet tooth with their selection of pastries, which may include brownies, cookies, or locally baked assorted cakes.

Also, for guests who want a more involved experience, you can make your own shake, customized with the flavor of ice cream and assorted toppings.

The Market Restaurant is open daily from park opening to closing.

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