Legoland Florida Offers Minifigure Trading

When planning your trip to Legoland, Florida, be sure to pack extra Lego Minifigures, as Legoland Florida offers a way for everyone to get in on an exclusive treat – Minifigure Trading!

When visiting Legoland, you will notice that many of the employees wear a nametag – with a LEGO mini figure perched alongside their name.

Figures vary widely, from exclusive Lego superheros to custom-made characters.

If you ask nicely, and have a minifigure of your own that you are willing to part with, you may get to trade with them.

In order to trade, your minifigure must be in complete form, which includes head, legs, and torso.

If you trade for a mini figure with accessories, you’ll be lucky!

While at the park, feel free to approach any Legoland employee, and they will be happy to start a trade with you.

Trading Tips

If you want to participate in the trading program and want to save money, the best way to do so is plan ahead – pack the extra, or duplicate, minifigures that your family already owns, and trade these.

However, if you make it to the park without a supply of minifigures and you, or someone in your party, just has to trade, there are plenty of places around the park where you can purchase a minifigure to keep – or start the trading process!

If you are really lucky, you may run into Legoland’s Minifigure Ambassador, who is an employee who is completely covered in Minifigures – and ready to trade!

This Ambassador makes his or her way around the park daily – but may be very hard to find.

They usually have over 100 minifigures on them at a time – so the hardest part about the trade is trying to figure out which one you want!

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