Miniland New York at Legoland Florida

Nowhere else in Miniland can you see the levels of detail that are on display in New York.

From the highest peak of the Empire State Building to the smallest rider finding their train inside Grand Central Station, Miniland’s New York City is astounding.

Including famous landmarks such as the Guggenheim Museum and the Bronx Zoo, this New York City is just as fun to visit as the real thing!

Mini figurines dodge taxis in Times Square, while advertisements soar above the streets on the iconic billboards.

Movie crews film the action, while typical New York figurines make their way to work or work out on rooftops.

Be sure to check out the obvious advertising nods to Lego and brick building.

Grand Central Station & Rockefeller Center

Grand Central Station here took over 1700 hours and eight builders to complete.

But it was well worth the time and effort, as you will see people ooh-ing and aah-ing over the meticulous detail seen on several levels here.

Central Park’s expansive lawn is filled with figurines exercising, lounging, and playing.

You can see musicians playing at Strawberry Fields, kids whirling on the carousel, and even tiny replicas of famous sculptures in the park.

Rockefeller Center has real working fountains and in Times Square the taxis really move.

Standing sentinel above it all is Lady Liberty herself, surrounded by harbor waters.

The New York scene has the smallest models in all of Miniland Florida – the pigeons, which are made of 6 bricks each.

Legoland Florida’s New York scenes including carriage rides, fancy hotels, major shopping, huge billboards, tons of people, and even street basketball prove that New York is one of the greatest places on Earth.

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