Pharaoh’s Revenge at Legoland Florida

Pharaoh’s Revenge, located in the Land of Adventure at Legoland, is a unique spot in the park, as it is a combination activity and play area.

Inside this attraction, guests have the chance to explore the area and also use the ball shooters inside to aim at – and shoot foam balls at – their targets.

This open-air play area is enclosed to not let the foam balls roll away into other parts of the park, but accessible enough that you can keep track of the young guests in your party if you decide to stay outside.

Pharaohs Revenge

Giant Ball Cannons

The center of this attraction is two giant ball cannons, which occasionally explode with all of the balls that have been placed into their hoppers.

This distributes the balls throughout the play area, giving the kids who are commandeering the six shooting stations a chance to grab some ammunition for their own, smaller cannons.

For those guests who don’t have an interest in taking aim at other guests, there is plenty of exploring and climbing to do inside this attraction.

Located next to The Lost Kingdom Adventure, it is a great way to burn some energy before waiting in line for a ride, or a good place for younger kids who can’t or don’t want to ride on The Lost Kingdom Adventure.

This multi-level maze is located directly across from The Lost Kingdom Adventure in the Land of Adventure area of the park.

There is no minimum height requirement, but younger guests may require assistance with some of the climbing spots.

Like the Forestmen’s Hideout, this is a fun place to stay active inside Legoland.

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