Pirate’s Shores in Miniland USA

Tucked into the shores of Miniland USA, Pirate’s Shores is a minute exploration of two dueling schooner ships, battling it out on the high seas of Miniland.

The two ships clash in the harbor in front of a seaside town, while guards stand watch over the town behind them, looking out for trouble coming their way.

Will the mini figurines see the trouble in time to alert the townspeople?

Will the army ship keep the pirates at bay?

Swashbuckling Brick Figures

Pirates have long since been a favorite theme of LEGO, ever since the first introduction of the swashbuckling brick figures in 1989.

In Legoland Florida’s interpretation of the age-old battle, the unassuming town carries out its daily business while the battle in the harbor rages on.

Check out the townspeople around the harbor – be sure to find the unlucky townsperson in the stocks, the ladies’ lovely dresses, and the number of storefronts for the people of the town.

Meanwhile, the harbor is alive with the pirates and their battle.

The battle, started on the ships, even comes to hand-to-hand combat between the soldiers and pirates!

Be sure to scan the beaches, as there are some unique characters that washed up there!

Interactive Display

The interactive display has the ships actually sailing toward each other – and water splashing, as cannonballs seem to fly through the air.

And in the end, guess who walks the plank?

Who ends up with the gold?

You can only assume this isn’t the last time the two ships will meet on the high seas!

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