The Princess Makeover at Legoland Florida

These days, what theme park would be complete without a place to transform your little one into the character of their dreams?

Many places have face paint, costumes, accessories, and more to make your child fit the part they imagine.

Legoland is no different, as they offer a popular Princess Makeover for guests to the park.

You can bring your little girl to the park, and leave with a princess!

Located within the Kingdoms area of Legoland, this makeover station is the perfect spot to rest for a minute while the kids undergo their makeovers.

Each makeover includes time in a makeup chair with makeup application, beautiful face paint, and special hair braiding.

Once the transformation is complete, photographers are there to ensure you capture the magical moments in and around the Lego Castle!

Princess Palace Shop

Also located in the Kingdom area of Legoland, The Princess Palace shop is the perfect place for any young royal to find their perfect outfit, tiara, or of course, their favorite Lego set!

This open-air shop is located over the drawbridge and through the castle gates, right outside the King’s Market shop.

In this store you can find different princess dresses, jewelry, accessories, Lego themed clothing, and general theme park amenities.

The princess makeover experience is also located here, so if this is an important part of your trip to the park, try getting here first, as this area of the park fills up quickly, due to the Dragon Coaster.

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Adult age 13 + $86.67 $64.67 $22.00
Child age 3-11 $79.18 $58.18 $21.00
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